Tea and Justice Events

This page is for the Tea and Justice events that are linked to the Tea with Jam page on Facebook.  For more information please visit Tea with Jam.


The next Tea and Justice event is scheduled for:

Date: Sunday, September 13th

Time: 6:30pm

Tea: Sweet Mama Justice - Hibiscus, Red Raspberry Leaf, Rosehips and Citrus

Action: Postcard Writing


Bring a mug of your own and a stack of postcards or order a kit below. 

There are two options available!

* Deluxe Tea and Justice Kit: One 'Tea and Justice' mug, 1 oz of Scarlet Lady tea, one tea steeper, one stack of postcards.

* Tea and Postcards: 1 oz of Scarlet Lady tea, 1 stack of postcards.

Order your kits here!