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What is a Healing Circle?
The circle is a gathering set apart from ordinary life. It is a time to slow down, rest, and retreat. Most importantly it is a time to listen deeply and connect with others on a topic that touches everyone present. There is so much wisdom and healing to be found from listening to others with an open heart, and in feeling heard.
Where Do They Happen?
We are currently hosting the events on our three acre property in Stafford, Virginia.  If you would like to explore the possibility of hosting a circle, please contact Jamila
Who Can Attend?
Any adult who wishes to share space, listen to, and connect with other adults.  Yes, that means male-bodied adults are welcome too. Please keep in mind that these circles are sacred and should be regarded as such.  While we take a very low key approach to the gatherings, the safety of the other members and respect for the process are both paramount.
What Happens There?
All gatherings begin with a period of relationship building and a family style meal. The circle ritual follows.  Participants are invited to engage as much or as little as they wish.  Some folks will share, some folks listen quietly.  Everyone is simply asked to remain present and supportive.  We finish off the event with beverages and downtime.  
What Happens After?
The entire event is about finding connection and community. Participants usually opt to remain together, meeting with "their group" once a month to continue building a safe space to grow and share.  This does not mean you need to be committed to coming every month in order to attend an event.  Everyone is welcome to attend as often as they wish (even if it is just once).
If you have been feeling disconnected, exhausted, or generally adrift... this might be the experience for you.  If you have been feeling a longing to find "your people", this might be the experience for you.
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