Family Wellness Kit

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Returning to the Office?  Heading back to school?  Armor up with this Family Wellness Kit.

Includes a combination of...

Stay Well Tea

Fortify yourself with this nutritious tea which is chock full of vitamin C.  Tasty and kid friendly!  This tea can be brewed in advance and served cold alongside a healthy breakfast.   One package makes up to 2 gallons of tea.  (Recommended serving: 4 to 8oz per day)

Immune Boost Glycerite

This blend of glycerine, water and herbs can be taken as a daily tonic or used as a little boost at the first sign of a cold. 

Stress Less Glycerite

Take the edge off your "reentry" stress with this glycerite tincture.  Kid safe, but also strong enough for adults.  Perfect for smoothing out the rough edges of the moment and helping to restore a feeling of well being.