Healing Circle - June 11th - Closed

Healing Circle - June 11th - Closed

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This group is only available to returning members.  If this is your first time attending a circle, please look for a group that says "Open"

Date: Saturday, June 11th

Time: 5pm to 7pm

Location: Stafford Virginia

Healing Circle is a time to gather in community outside of time, away from the busy and rush of our everyday life.  Together we gather in a space that is tailored for quiet comfort, enjoy a meal, share our experiences centered around a topic, and learn a method of self-care to incorporate into our daily lives. Spaces Limited!

Healing Circle Includes:

1) A 3 Hour Curated Gathering

2) A delicious meal catered by personal chef: Chef Nik

3) Hand blended teas to share

4) A gift related to the self care topic

5) 1 signature cocktail or mocktail for the post event wind down.

Disclaimer:  This is peer to peer therapy group and should never be confused with performed by a licensed therapist/counselor.